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Italy, as you already know, is a land full of small and great wonders, a treasure chest to be discovered. Among the most beautiful cities of the boot, it is impossible not to mention Lucca

  1. Piazza dell’Anfiteatro

  2. Cattedrale di San Martino

  3. Le Mura di Lucca

  4. Orto Botanico

  5. Chiesa di San Michele

  6. Piazza Napoleone

  7. Torre delle Ore

  8. Torre Guinigi

  9. Chiesa di San Frediano

  10. Puccini Museum

  11. Palazzo Mansi e la Pinacoteca

  12. Ponte del Diavolo

  13. Palazzo Ducale

  14. Palazzo Massoni

After exploring Lucca far and wide, it is a must to rest in the right way and enjoy the pleasures of Italian cuisine, perhaps near the city walls. Very elegant in its nineteenth-century setting and in the central area, the Antico Caffè de Le Mura was designed by Carlo Ludovico di Borbone, who transformed the small military barracks into one of the most visited places in Lucca.

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